MDS Group works diligently, to ensure that all business dealings undertaken, are ethical, and adhere to globally recognised business ethics & principles; while operating within a global framework as set out by the UN ATT 2014.

MDS Group actively supports its regional partners, to engage with clients, and positively contribute toward raising social, education, and economic standards; while supporting wider regional efforts to promote peace, stability, and prosperity around the World. 


Import & Export Legislation

All activities undertake by MDS Group, are managed & conducted in line with International Trade Guidelines and Restrictions, as issued by the UN, EU, UN Security Council; and OSCE. All Brokering activities are authorised through the provision of Export Licenses from those Government entities; of which have direct jurisdiction and oversight of all activity conducted by MDS Group and its staff.


Manufacturing & Production

MDS Group works to ensure that Companies within its Supply-framework, utilise fair work practices, in line with with the principles of the UN Global Pact; with a particular focus on fair & safe working conditions, and the abolition of child labour and modern-day slavery.

End Use Obligations

MDS Group engages with clients, to ensure the elimination of the possibility that any equipment supplied, is used for - or as part of any wider effort; to :

  • Suppress the Human Rights of any individual, or group, on the basis of ethnicity, religion, gender or race.

  • Engage in any action could be interpreted as an Illegal or Hostile Act toward another nation; as defined by the UN Security Council.

  • Be used in a wider effort to seek, develop or proliferate any item however so defined, associated to the production, storage or use of (WMD) Weapons Of Mass Destruction.


Ethos & Values

MDS Group strives for the the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction, through engagement with the Client, both directly; and via local regional partners.

This is achieved through the continual drive to achieve excellence, through ensuring that the provision of services, is in accordance with accepted ethical business practices; and high levels of customer service.